Digital Training

IT Training has been the core of our business for over 30 years. Providing both on site training or access to public scheduled courses

  • Microsoft To-Do

    Master Microsoft To-Do efficiently in just 90 minutes! Learn task management essentials including navigating To-Do's interface, creating and organizing tasks, setting reminders, prioritizing, collaborating, integrating with Microsoft 365 apps, customizing...

  • Microsoft Sway

    Master Microsoft Sway in just 90 minutes! Perfect for beginners and intermediate users, this course covers everything from navigating the interface and creating dynamic presentations to customizing designs, adding multimedia...

  • Microsoft Publisher

    Master Microsoft Publisher in just 6 hours! Ideal for creating professional-quality publications and marketing materials. This course covers essentials like navigating the interface, setting up publications, text formatting, graphics input,...

  • Microsoft Planner

    Master Microsoft Planner in just 3 hours! Ideal for project managers, team leads, and task management professionals looking to enhance their skills using Microsoft Planner. Learn to create and manage...

  • Microsoft Forms

    Master Microsoft Forms in just 3 hours! Ideal for anyone keen on creating surveys, quizzes, and forms using Microsoft Forms. Gain skills in creating, customizing, and analyzing surveys and forms....

  • Microsoft Lists Basics

    Master Microsoft Lists in just 3 hours! Tailored for individuals, team leads, and business professionals familiar with Microsoft 365. Learn to effectively track data and collaborate using Lists. Available face-to-face...

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  • Introduction to Microsoft Loop

    Explore Microsoft Loop in just 3 hours! Ideal for professionals, team leads, and project managers familiar with Microsoft 365 apps like Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook. Gain a foundational understanding of...

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  • Microsoft Word Advanced

    Master Microsoft Word Advanced in just 6 hours! Ideal for users with basic Word knowledge, this course covers advanced document formatting, macros, collaboration tools, complex tables, graphics integration, document organization,...

  • Microsoft Word Intermediate

    Enhance your Microsoft Word skills with our intermediate-level course designed for professionals, students, and administrative staff aiming to elevate their document creation and formatting capabilities.

  • Microsoft Word Introduction

    Explore the fundamentals of Microsoft Word in this comprehensive introductory course designed for beginners. Whether you're new to word processing or looking to enhance your skills, this course covers essential...

Leadership & Management

Boost team performance with our Leadership courses. Gain insights into effective leadership for success in today's challenges.

  • Team Building & Effective Leadership

    Empower yourself with essential leadership skills in this comprehensive 6-hour Team Building and Effective Leadership workshop. Discover strategies to lead, organize, motivate, and optimize team performance effectively.

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  • Thriving Through Times of Change

    Navigate and thrive in times of change with our insightful 3-hour workshop. This module empowers you to take control of your change experience by exploring the nature and impact of...

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  • Results Driven Customer Service

    Elevate your customer service excellence with our immersive 6-hour Results-Driven Customer Service workshop. Tailored for frontline staff in customer-facing roles, this course empowers you to deliver exceptional service that delights...

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  • Managing People

    Empower yourself with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage people with our comprehensive 6-hour Managing People workshop. This course is designed for individuals facing the challenges of people management,...

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  • Managing Meetings

    Unlock the power of effective meetings with our comprehensive 6-hour Managing Meetings workshop. Designed to equip delegates with essential skills in organizing and leading impactful meetings, this course covers defining...

    Group of professionals in a workplace setting with a leader addressing the team
  • Leadership Skills

    Enhance your leadership capabilities with our dynamic 6-hour Leadership Skills workshop. Designed for individuals seeking to develop essential attributes and knowledge required for effective leadership in the workplace, this course...

  • Introduction to Management

    Embark on your managerial journey with confidence in our comprehensive 6-hour Introduction to Management course. Ideal for new and aspiring managers, this workshop covers fundamental concepts such as understanding the...

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  • Effective Mentoring

    Empower your mentors with the skills and tools needed to excel in their roles through our dynamic 6-hour workshop on Effective Mentoring. This practical course is designed to enhance mentoring...

  • Defusing Hostility and Handling Conflict

    Equip yourself with essential conflict resolution skills in our intensive 6-hour workshop on Defusing Hostility and Handling Conflict. Tailored for professionals seeking practical solutions, this course explores conflict triggers, stages,...

    Group of colleagues consoling a coworker
  • Dealing with Difficult People

    Master the art of navigating workplace challenges with our comprehensive 6-hour course on Dealing with Difficult People. Ideal for professionals seeking to address and manage challenging behaviors effectively, this workshop...

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Prioritise wellbeing with our courses. Foster a supportive environment, providing practical tools for resilience and work-life balance.

  • Mental Health for Managers and Leaders

    quip yourself with essential skills to support mental health in the workplace with our 4-hour workshop. Learn to recognize early signs of mental health issues, manage stress, and promote well-being...

    Woman performing psychometric tests
  • Mental Health For Remote and Isolated Workers

    Gain insights into mental health challenges faced by remote and isolated workers in this 6-hour workshop. Learn to identify symptoms, manage stress, and support teams effectively in face-to-face or virtual...

    Woman wearing a headset while meditating in a home office
  • Mental Health Awareness for Employees

    Gain essential insights into mental health with our 3-hour Mental Health Awareness for Employees workshop, available face-to-face or virtually. This course is designed to help employees understand mental health and...

    Group of colleagues consoling a coworker
  • Managing Stress

    Discover effective stress management strategies for workplace well-being and performance enhancement. Topics include stress understanding, sources, impact on businesses, and practical approaches for stress reduction and healthier workplaces. No prerequisites...

    Person meditating in the office for mental health benefits
  • Effective Mental Health Conversations

    To provide Line Managers with the knowledge and confidence to understand the spectrum of Mental Health and Mental Ill Health and to be able to spot common symptoms and behaviours...

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Personal Development

Invest in growth with our Personal Development courses. Empower yourself with skills for personal and professional advancement.

  • Time Management

    Enhance your time management skills in this 6-hour workshop, either face-to-face or virtual. Learn to prioritize tasks, reduce stress, and delegate effectively to optimize productivity and achieve personal goals.

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  • Managing Challenging Conversations

    Navigate challenging conversations effectively in our 6-hour workshop. Develop planning, communication, and post-conversation strategies. Enhance skills to manage diverse workplace dialogues.

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  • How To Be Assertive

    Develop assertiveness with our 6-hour workshop. Enhance communication, manage conflict, and negotiate effectively. Gain confidence in assertive behaviors for diverse workplace scenarios.

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  • Handling Challenging Calls

    Gain essential skills in managing challenging calls with our 6-hour workshop. Build confidence to handle difficult phone conversations effectively. Identify triggers, defuse anger, and respond to diverse caller behaviors.

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  • Effective Minute Taking

    Master the art of effective minute taking in our intensive 6-hour workshop. This course is ideal for anyone looking to boost their confidence and skill in capturing and documenting meeting...

    Group of professionals in a workplace setting with a leader addressing the team
  • Effective Communication Skills

    Enhance your communication skills in this comprehensive 6-hour Effective Communication workshop. Learn to build rapport, use impactful body language, and master questioning techniques for successful interactions and professional growth.

  • Written Communication

    Enhance your written communication skills in this 6-hour workshop, delivered face-to-face or virtually. Learn to produce effective reports, letters, and emails using the POWER model, applying Plain English principles, and...

  • Train the Trainer

    Equip yourself to train others effectively with our 12-hour Train the Trainer course. Ideal for new or experienced trainers, learn key techniques for designing and delivering engaging sessions that meet...

  • Strength Based Resilience

    Enhance your resilience in our insightful 6-hour workshop, whether face-to-face or virtual. Discover the power of strength-based resilience, self-compassion, and protective factors to navigate adversity effectively and bolster well-being, motivation,...

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  • Presenting with Confidence

    Master the art of confident presenting in our intensive 12-hour workshop (delivered over 2 days). Ideal for those needing to excel in internal meetings, client interactions, and formal presentations. Gain...