Customised Learning Programme for Improving Internal Communications with Capital Training at HMRC

Daniel Fletcher

In 2023, Capital Training was commissioned to develop and implement a customized three-day learning program for delegates from HMRC. Working closely with the client, Capital designed this program to enhance internal communications effectiveness within HMRC. Over a five-month period, Capital Training successfully trained more than 400 staff members. This project concluded in 2024.

The testimonial from the HMRC – Business Manager emphasizes the exceptional service and positive impact of Capital Training’s Internal Communications Campaigns Bootcamp. The tailored program catered to all levels of communications experience, fostering a shared set of language and skills across HMRC’s Internal Communications team.

Capital Training’s commitment to creating a safe and engaging learning environment is reflected in the positive feedback received. The trainer’s approachability and ability to relate theoretical concepts to real-world campaigns were particularly appreciated by participants.

This successful collaboration underscores Capital Training’s expertise in enhancing internal communications strategies and equipping teams with practical skills and tools. HMRC’s ongoing partnership with Capital Training reflects their confidence in the lasting benefits of professional development initiatives.

Daniel Fletcher

Daniel Fletcher is the Managing Director at Capital Training Ltd, a leading provider of IT, soft skills, and management training solutions, with over 600 fully vetted trainers nationwide.

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