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Onboard and Engage Your Users

User Adoption & Change Management

If you are planning a new software implementation, getting ready to go live, or have an existing system that needs improved user adoption, we can help.

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We help you focus your resources for greatest impact, establish your adoption program and provide the ongoing management for your user adoption efforts.

Team Development

Building a high-performing user adoption team is a major challenge. We help you define roles and responsibilities, train your staff on user adoption methods, provide team coaching and support, and measure your user adoption team performance.

Benefits of our approach

  • Highly experienced team of certified Microsoft User Adoption Specialists
  • Proven track record of success
  • Over 20 projects delivered in 2019
  • Greater ROI with effective planning and implementation
  • 24/7 support available

End-User Training & Engagement

You need effective end-user onboarding programs that go beyond point-and-click training to fully engage and prepare users to adopt your new software and the new way of performing their jobs. and for performing their jobs. We will build and deliver the training, communications, engagement and onboarding programs that deliver fast, effective user adoption. .

Effective Support & Collaboration

You need the support of executives, managers and supervisors to drive user adoption and ensure people collaborate effectively using your software which is crucial to the success of your project.