Enhancing Staff Proficiency with Capital Training’s Custom Digital Learning Programme for Kirklees Council

Daniel Fletcher

Capital Training has partnered with Kirklees Council to develop a comprehensive Digital Learning Programme aimed at upskilling all 8000 staff in Office 365 applications. This bespoke initiative consists of tailored training sessions to empower council employees with essential digital skills.

Phase One of the project has been successfully completed, marking a significant milestone in our collaboration. The next phase, which focuses on advanced Office 365 functionalities, is eagerly anticipated by both teams.

Client feedback on the programme has been overwhelmingly positive:

“The digital programme delivered by Capital Training has been exceptional. We extend our sincere thanks for your dedication and hard work. Your team of trainers demonstrated extensive knowledge and expertise across various 365 applications, and we greatly appreciated your relaxed and approachable delivery style. Your flexibility and responsiveness to changing needs were particularly valued. Thank you from the Learning and Development Team at Kirklees Council.”

Through this ongoing partnership, Capital Training remains committed to driving organizational growth by equipping staff with crucial digital competencies. Our tailored approach ensures that each training session meets the unique needs of Kirklees Council, fostering a culture of continuous learning and skill development.

Daniel Fletcher

Daniel Fletcher is the Managing Director at Capital Training Ltd, a leading provider of IT, soft skills, and management training solutions, with over 600 fully vetted trainers nationwide.

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