Microsoft Lists Basics

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Master Microsoft Lists in just 3 hours! Tailored for individuals, team leads, and business professionals familiar with Microsoft 365. Learn to effectively track data and collaborate using Lists. Available face-to-face or virtually.

  • Audience

    This course is designed for individuals, team leads, and business professionals interested in effectively utilising Microsoft Lists for data tracking, collaboration.


    Participants should have a basic understanding of Microsoft 365 applications and general data management concepts.


    3 hours

    Delivery Method

    Face to face or Virtual
  • Course Objectives

    By the end of this course, participants will have acquired comprehensive skills in using Microsoft Lists for efficient data tracking and collaboration.

    Course Content

    • Overview of Lists as a data-tracking tool.
    • Understanding the purpose and applications of Microsoft Lists.
    • Navigating the Lists Interface:
      • Exploring the Lists app in Microsoft 365.
      • Understanding list views, columns, and settings.
    • Creating and Customising Lists:
      • Creating new lists from scratch.
      • Customising list structures, columns, and views.
    • Data Entry and Editing:
      • Adding, editing, and deleting list items.
      • Utilising different field types for data entry.
    • List Views and Formatting:
      • Creating and customising views for data presentation.
      • Applying formatting options to enhance list visibility.
    • Collaborative Features:
      • Sharing lists with team members.
      • Collaborating on list items and discussions.
    • Integration with Other Microsoft 365 Apps:
      • Embedding lists in SharePoint sites.
      • Utilising Lists in Teams and other Microsoft 365 apps.
    • List Security and Permissions: