Transforming Recruitment: Capital Training’s Success with Defence Digital

Daniel Fletcher

In 2021, Capital Training embarked on a groundbreaking collaboration with Defence Digital, a pivotal division of the Ministry of Defence, aimed at redefining recruitment practices within the public sector. This strategic partnership was driven by the shared goal of transitioning from traditional recruitment approaches towards a more targeted and talent-centric model.

The result of this collaboration was the creation of a specialised two-day training course meticulously designed to cater to Defence Digital’s unique requirements. The course incorporated key elements of the Civil Service Success Profiles framework, with a specific focus on strengths-based interviewing techniques.

The impact of this innovative training initiative has been profound. Over the course of the partnership, Capital Training has successfully trained and empowered more than two hundred MOD personnel to serve as adept interview panel members, proficient in implementing Defence Digital’s custom Talent Acquisition model.

Looking ahead, the momentum continues to build, with plans underway to expand this transformative training programme to an additional three hundred individuals within the current year.

At Capital Training, our mission is to drive organisational excellence through tailored training solutions that address specific challenges and drive measurable outcomes. Our ongoing collaboration with Defence Digital exemplifies our commitment to fostering talent and driving positive change within the public sector.

Through strategic partnerships and customised training programmes, Capital Training remains at the forefront of empowering organisations to navigate the complexities of modern recruitment and talent acquisition.

Daniel Fletcher

Daniel Fletcher is the Managing Director at Capital Training Ltd, a leading provider of IT, soft skills, and management training solutions, with over 600 fully vetted trainers nationwide.

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