Influencing and Negotiation Skills

Enhance your ability to influence and negotiate effectively with our comprehensive 6-hour workshop. Designed for individuals seeking to master the art of persuasion and negotiation across various contexts, this course delves into defining negotiation and influencing, exploring their differences...

  • Audience

    For those wishing to improve their ability to influence others and negotiate effectively in a range of situations.


    No pre-requisites required


    6 hours

    Delivery Method

    Face to face or Virtual
  • Course Objectives

    By the end of this workshop, the delegate will have learned the following:

    • Define negotiation and influencing and describe the differences between them
    • Identify relevant interpersonal skills which contribute to successful negotiation and influencing
    • Identify four influencing styles and how to use these effectively
    • Identify five negotiation styles and when to apply them
    • Use practical techniques and skills for achieving a 'win-win' outcome
    • Apply a five-stage strategy for negotiating effectively

    Course Content

    • Interactive activity to define negotiation and influencing and the differences between them
    • Identification of the interpersonal skills which underpin effective influencing and negotiation, and how these link to assertive behaviour
    • The 'push/pull' model of influencing – four influencing styles associated with this model:
      • Push styles – controlling and asserting
      • Pull styles – persuading and bridging How to use these styles effectively
    • Approaches to negotiation: competitive versus cooperative
    • Five negotiation styles:
      • Withdraw
      • Accommodate
      • Compromise
      • Defeat
      • Collaborate
    • The strengths and weaknesses of these styles; when to use them, when not to use them.
    • Power-bases – what sources of power and authority can you draw upon when negotiating?
    • Five stage strategy for negotiation:
      • Prepare
      • Discuss
      • Propose
      • Bargain
      • Gain agreement
    • Practical exercise to apply the five stage strategy (NOTE: this can be either an ‘off the shelf’ activity or a tailored exercise to simulate ‘real life’ negotiations for delegates, using a scenario provided by the client)
    • Review of learning points and action planning