Introduction to Management

Embark on your managerial journey with confidence in our comprehensive 6-hour Introduction to Management course. Ideal for new and aspiring managers, this workshop covers fundamental concepts such as understanding the role of management, key responsibilities, and essential skills for effective...

  • Audience

    The need to successfully manage the transition into the role of a work or staff manager and be effective. This course is also aimed at those who are expanding into managerial roles for the first time.


    No pre-requisites required


    6 hours

    Delivery Method

    Face to face or Virtual
  • Course Objectives

    • Understand what management means
    • Identify the role and key responsibilities of a manager
    • Describe what good management looks like
    • Develop the skills, behaviours, mindset and beliefs that an effective manager needs to manage processes, people and resources
    • Manage your time effectively
    • Distinguish between urgent and important work
    • Seek feedback on your own skills

    Course Content

    • What 'management' is
    • The key skills and knowledge required by an effective manager – managing processes, resources and people
    • What does good and poor management look like?
    • How to motivate people
    • The need to manage your own time well
    • The importance of seeking feedback on your own skills
    • Being an effective manager – urgent vs important
    • Action planning