Presenting with Confidence

Master the art of confident presenting in our intensive 12-hour workshop (delivered over 2 days). Ideal for those needing to excel in internal meetings, client interactions, and formal presentations. Gain strategies to engage, respond assertively, and handle challenging scenarios with finesse.

  • Audience

    This course is aimed at people who need to speak and present confidently in a range of situations including internal meetings, meetings with clients, and when giving more formal presentations. It will enable delegates to develop both their confidence and competence when presenting.


    No pre-requisites required


    12 hours (2 Days)

    Delivery Method

    Face to face or Virtual
  • Course Objectives

    By the end of this workshop, the delegate will have learned the following:

    • Make a positive first impression on your audience by quickly engaging with them and building rapport
    • Prepare yourself and your content effectively before presenting
    • Present yourself assertively and respond effectively to aggressive, passive, and passive-aggressive behaviours
    • Respond effectively to questions from your audience
    • Demonstrate the ability to present with confidence in a range of situations

    Course Content

    • Non-verbal communication – the impact of your posture, eye contact, and facial expression
    • The three elements of effective verbal communication – volume, tone, and pitch
    • First impressions – making a positive impact through your appearance, facial expression, and by engaging with your audience
    • Preparation – the importance of knowing your purpose, preparing your content, rehearsing your presentation, getting in the right mindset
    • Preparing your content – defining the purpose of your presentation, knowing your key points and 'must-have' content, using stories, examples, and anecdotes, constructing a persuasive line of argument
    • Building rapport – the RESPONSE approach and other techniques for quickly establishing rapport
    • Dealing with questions – a five-step strategy
    • Dealing with challenging situations when presenting – e.g., hostile questions, undermining comments, negative signals from your audience
    • Practice presentations and feedback
    • Action planning – how can I apply my learning in the workplace?