Results Driven Customer Service

Elevate your customer service excellence with our immersive 6-hour Results-Driven Customer Service workshop. Tailored for frontline staff in customer-facing roles, this course empowers you to deliver exceptional service that delights customers. Learn to identify and apply the five pillars of...

  • Audience

    This course is designed for staff in a frontline, customer facing role. It provides an opportunity to step back and identify what is involved in delivering high quality customer service, and how to achieve this in your role.


    No pre-requisites required


    6 hours

    Delivery Method

    Face to face or Virtual
  • Course Objectives

    At the end of this course delegates will be able to:

    • Identify and apply the five pillars of GREAT customer service
    • Provide excellent service for a diverse range of customers
    • Guard against providing poor levels of service
    • Define who your customers are and what they need
    • Make a great first impression on your customers
    • Build effective relationships with your customers
    • Respond effectively to customer feedback and complaints
    • Respond effectively to ‘difficult’ customer behaviours
    • Use positive language when dealing with customers
    • Take responsibility for a service which will delight your customers

    Course Content

    Who are your customers – identifying who relies on the services provided by your organisation

    Understanding your customers and their diverse needs – recognising that every customer is unique, while ensuring that you meet the needs of a range of customer groups including those with a range of needs and disabilities

    The five pillars of GREAT customer service:

    Greeting your customer in a friendly tone of voice and with a smile (even when you’re on the phone!)

    Relating to the customer, by showing a genuine interest in them and their problem or query

    Empathising with them, by trying to understand how things appear from their point of view

    Asking questions, so you can develop a full understanding of their issue

    Taking action, to resolve the customer’s issue as quickly and as fully as possible

    First impressions – how to ensure that you and your organisation make the right first impression on your customers

    Building relationships – how to develop effective working relationships with your customers, and set appropriate boundaries

    Responding positively to customer feedback and complaints – how to obtain balanced customer feedback; non-defensive reactions to feedback and complaints, using them as opportunities to learn and improve service

    ‘Difficult’ customers – who are they? What do we find difficult about their behaviour? What lies behind that behaviour? How greater understanding can enable better service, so that their needs can be identified and met

    Using positive language with customers

    Taking responsibility for resolving customer problems and providing high quality service