Adobe Illustrator Advanced

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Elevate your skills in Adobe Illustrator with our 6-hour advanced course. Master intricate illustrations, advanced color techniques, typography, and 3D effects. Learn about complex brushes, blending modes, artboard management, and Creative Cloud integration for efficient collaboration.

  • Audience

    This course is aimed at for those seeking to elevate their skills and explore the advanced features and techniques available in Illustrator for intricate design projects.


    A solid understanding of basic Illustrator tools, drawing techniques, and object manipulation is required. Access to a computer with Adobe Illustrator installed is necessary


    6 hours

    Delivery Method

    Face to face or Virtual
  • Course Objectives

    By the end of this one-day advanced course, participants will have increased their proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, gaining the skills needed for intricate illustrations and advanced design projects

    Course Content

    Advanced Drawing and Editing Techniques

    • Mastering advanced drawing tools for intricate illustrations.
    • Exploring advanced editing options for precise control.

    Advanced Color and Gradient Techniques

    • Utilising advanced color blending modes and techniques.
    • Creating complex gradients and color effects.

    Advanced Typography

    • Crafting typographic masterpieces with advanced text features.
    • Manipulating text creatively with envelope distortions.

    Advanced Transformations and Distortions

    • Applying advanced transformations for creative effects.
    • Distorting objects with precision using advanced techniques.

    Advanced Perspective Drawing

    • Creating illustrations with realistic perspective.
    • Applying the Perspective Grid tool for complex designs.

    3D Effects and Extrusions

    • Utilising the 3D Extrude & Bevel tool for three-dimensional effects.
    • Applying advanced 3D transformations to objects.

    Advanced Brushes and Patterns

    • Creating and customising intricate brushes for artistic strokes.
    • Designing complex patterns and textures.

    Advanced Object Blending and Masking

    • Utilising advanced blending modes for seamless object integration.
    • Applying intricate masking techniques for creative compositions.

    Advanced Drawing and Editing Tools

    • Exploring advanced drawing tools for intricate illustrations.
    • Utilising pathfinder operations for complex shapes.

    Creating and Editing Complex Symbols

    • Understanding and utilising complex symbols in Illustrator.
    • Editing and customising symbol instances for diverse designs.

    Working with Variables and Data-Driven Graphics

    • Introduction to variable data in Illustrator.
    • Creating data-driven graphics for dynamic content.

    Advanced Artboard Management

    • Organising and managing multiple artboards for complex projects.
    • Utilising artboards for different design variations.

    Exporting and Printing Complex Artwork

    • Advanced export options for diverse output scenarios.
    • Preparing complex artwork for high-quality printing.

    Overview of Creative Cloud Integration and Collaboration

    • Exploring advanced Creative Cloud integration features.
    • Collaborating and sharing projects efficiently.