Adobe InDesign Introduction

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Learn Adobe InDesign fundamentals in our 6-hour introductory course. Perfect for beginners and designers, you'll explore the workspace, text formatting, image handling, and master pages. Gain skills to create professional layouts for print and digital media efficiently.

  • Audience

    This introductory course is tailored for beginners, graphic designers, marketing professionals, and individuals looking to start their journey with Adobe InDesign.


    Participants should have basic computer skills and familiarity with file management. Access to a computer with Adobe InDesign installed is recommended


    6 hours

    Delivery Method

    Face to face or Virtual
  • Course Objectives

    Participants will gain essential skills in Adobe InDesign, enabling them to confidently create professional layouts, publications, and design projects for print and digital media.

    Course Outline

    Overview of Adobe InDesign

    • Introduction to the InDesign workspace and interface.
    • Understanding the role of InDesign in layout design and publishing.

    Navigating the InDesign Interface

    • Familiarisation with menus, panels, and tool options.
    • Learning efficient navigation techniques.

    Creating a New Document

    • Setting up a new document with custom specifications.
    • Understanding document presets for different purposes.

    Working with Text

    • Adding and formatting text in InDesign.
    • Understanding text frames and linking text across frames.

    Importing and Managing Images

    • Placing and managing images within InDesign documents.
    • Understanding image frames and fitting options.

    Understanding Master Pages

    • Introduction to master pages and their importance.
    • Applying master pages for consistent layout elements.

    Working with Shapes and Graphics

    • Drawing and customising shapes for design elements.
    • Applying and styling graphic elements within layouts.

    Understanding and Working with Layers

    • Introduction to layers and their significance.
    • Organising content on different layers for efficient design.

    Page Numbering and Section Options

    • Applying page numbering to documents.
    • Understanding and managing sections for complex layouts.

    Working with Styles

    • Creating and applying paragraph and character styles.
    • Streamlining formatting for consistent designs.

    Adding Tables and Interactive Elements

    • Inserting and styling tables for organised information.
    • Incorporating interactive elements for digital publications.

    Preflight and Document Checking

    • Utilising preflight tools for document verification.
    • Ensuring document readiness for print or digital output.

    Exporting and Printing Documents

    • Exporting documents in various formats.
    • Preparing documents for high-quality printing.