Adobe Photoshop Advanced

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Enhance your Photoshop skills in our 6-hour advanced course. Ideal for those with intermediate knowledge, you'll master complex selection techniques, retouching, and layer management. Explore advanced text effects, 3D design, and creative automation for professional editing and design projects.

  • Audience

    This advanced one-day course is designed for participants with an intermediate understanding of Adobe Photoshop. It is aimed at anyone who wishes to enhance their skills and delve deeper into the advanced features and capabilities of Adobe Photoshop.


    A solid understanding of basic Photoshop tools, layers, and image editing concepts is required.


    6 hours

    Delivery Method

    Face to face or Virtual
  • Course Objectives

    By the end of this one-day advanced course, participants will have elevated their proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, gaining the skills required for intricate photo editing, advanced design projects, and efficient workflow management in professional creative environments.

    Course Outline

    • Advanced Selection Techniques
      • Mastery of advanced selection tools for intricate edits.
      • Refining and combining selections for complex compositions.
    • Advanced Retouching and Restoration
      • Advanced retouching techniques for professional image enhancement.
      • Restoration methods for revitalising aged or damaged photographs.
    • Advanced Layer Management
      • Utilising advanced layer features for complex designs.
      • Introduction to adjustment layers and their applications.
    • Advanced Text and Typography
      • Creating intricate text effects and stylised typography.
      • Utilising advanced text formatting and styling options.
    • Advanced Filter Effects and Smart Objects
      • Applying sophisticated filter effects for creative enhancements.
      • Leveraging Smart Objects for non-destructive editing.
      • Neural Filters
      • AI Prompts
    • 3D Design and Rendering
      • Introduction to 3D design tools in Photoshop.
      • Creating and rendering 3D objects and text.
    • Advanced Photo Compositing
      • Techniques for seamless photo compositing.
      • Integrating multiple images into a cohesive composition.
    • Advanced Camera Raw Editing
      • Exploring advanced editing options in Adobe Camera Raw.
      • Implementing Camera Raw adjustments for professional results.
    • Advanced Automation and Actions
      • Creating and utilising advanced Photoshop actions.
      • Streamlining workflows through automation.
    • Creative Cloud Integration and Collaboration
      • Harnessing Creative Cloud features for collaborative projects.
      • Sharing and collaborating on projects with team members.