Advanced Adobe Acrobat

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Master Advanced Adobe Acrobat in 6 hours! Tailored for professionals and designers, gain skills in text/image editing, form customization, secure collaboration, OCR, export settings, redaction, e-signatures, accessibility, data extraction, and custom stamps/watermarks.

  • Audience

    This one-day advanced course is designed for professionals, graphic designers, and individuals who have a foundational understanding of Adobe Acrobat and want to delve into advanced features. It is suitable for those who need to master complex document workflows, interactive forms, and advanced editing capabilities.


    A solid understanding of basic Adobe Acrobat features, file management, and document creation is required.


    6 hours

    Delivery Method

    Face to face or Virtual
  • Course Objectives

    Upon completion of this one-day advanced course, participants will achieve proficiency in Adobe Acrobat’s advanced features. They will gain the expertise needed to adeptly navigate complex document workflows, design interactive forms, and apply advanced editing and collaboration techniques

    Course Content

    Advanced Editing and Formatting

    • In-depth text and image editing within PDFs.
    • Advanced formatting options for precise document control.

    Interactive Forms Mastery

    • Advanced form creation and customisation.
    • Implementing dynamic forms with conditional logic.

    Advanced Commenting and Collaboration

    • Leveraging advanced commenting tools.
    • Collaborating with team members using shared reviews.

    Document Security Protocols

    • Implementing advanced security features.
    • Reducing vulnerabilities and enhancing document protection.

    Advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

    • Finetuning OCR settings for complex documents.
    • Recognising and editing scanned text effectively.

    Preflight and Document Optimisation

    • Using preflight tools for document analysis.
    • Optimising PDFs for various output scenarios.

    Advanced Exporting and Conversion

    • Customising export settings for specific needs.
    • Converting PDFs to industry-standard formats.

    Advanced Redaction Techniques

    • Redacting content with precision.
    • Automating redaction processes for efficiency.

    Advanced Electronic Signatures

    • Implementing advanced electronic signature features.
    • Managing digital signatures in complex workflows.

    Accessibility Compliance

    • Ensuring compliance with accessibility standards.
    • Implementing advanced accessibility features.

    Advanced Data Extraction

    • Extracting data from PDFs using advanced techniques.
    • Configuring custom data extraction rules.

    Custom Stamps and Watermarks

    • Creating and customising stamps and watermarks.
    • Adding branding elements for professional documents.