Advanced Microsoft Teams

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Advanced Microsoft Teams is a 3-hour course for experienced users and team leaders. Topics include advanced team and channel management, meeting configurations, file sharing, collaboration, messaging features, app integration, and Power Automate usage. Ideal for those with solid Teams fundamentals.

  • Audience

    This 3-hour advanced course is designed for experienced Microsoft Teams users, team leaders, and individuals who want to explore and master the advanced features and functionalities of Microsoft Teams.


    Participants should have a solid understanding of Microsoft Teams fundamentals, including channels, chats, meetings, and file sharing.


    3 hours

    Delivery Method

    Face to face or Virtual
  • Course Objectives

    By the end of this 3-hour advanced course, participants will have gained in-depth knowledge of advanced features in Microsoft Teams, empowering them to optimize collaboration, streamline workflows, and leverage the full potential of Microsoft Teams for effective teamwork and communication.

    Course Outline

    Advanced Team and Channel Management

      • Implementing advanced team settings and configurations.
      • Managing channels, permissions, and membership efficiently.

    Advanced Meetings and Live Events

      • Configuring advanced meeting options in Teams.
      • Hosting and managing live events for large audiences.
    • Advanced File Sharing and Collaboration
      • Utilising advanced file management and sharing options.
      • Co-authoring and collaborating on documents with advanced features.

    Teams Templates and Governance

      • Creating and managing Teams templates for consistency.
      • Implementing governance policies for Teams.

    Advanced Messaging and Communication

      • Utilising advanced messaging features in Teams.
      • Managing persistent chats and announcements effectively.

    Customizing Teams with Apps and Bots

      • Exploring and integrating custom apps and bots.
      • Configuring connectors for automated notifications.

    Power Automate Integration

      • Automating workflows and processes within Teams.
      • Integrating Power Automate for advanced automation.