Mastering PowerQuery

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Mastering Power Query is a 6-hour course for data analysts and BI professionals. Learn to import, transform, and prepare data efficiently using Power Query. Cover basics, data import, transformations, query merging, parameter use, and error handling. Ideal for those with basic data knowledge and Exc

  • Audience

    This course is designed for data analysts, business intelligence professionals, and anyone working with data who wants to enhance their skills in data transformation and preparation using Power Query.


    Attendees should have a basic understanding of data concepts and be familiar with spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel.


    6 hours

    Delivery Method

    Face to face or Virtual
  • Course Objectives

    By the end of this one-day workshop, participants will have mastered Power Query, enabling them to efficiently import, transform, and prepare data for analysis, improving
    their overall data manipulation capabilities.

    Course Outline

    PowerQuery Basics

      • Understanding the role of PowerQuery in data transformation.
      • Exploring the PowerQuery interface and basic functionalities.

    Data Import and Connection:

      • Importing data from various sources, including Excel, databases, and web data.
      • Establishing connections and managing queries.

    Basic Data Transformation Techniques:

      • Applied Steps.
      • Cleaning and shaping data for analysis.
      • Introduction to basic transformations such as filtering and sorting.

    Merging and Appending Queries:

      • Combining data from different sources.
      • Appending and merging queries for expanded datasets.
      • Combining files from a Folder.
      • Join Kinds.
      • Understanding Database relationships.

    Aggregating Data and Grouping:

      • Aggregating data using simple functions.
      • Grouping data to analyze patterns and trends.

    Introduction to Parameters:

      • Understanding parameterized queries.
      • Implementing basic parameters for flexible data transformations.

    Error Handling:

      • Basic error handling techniques in PowerQuery.
      • Troubleshooting common issues in data transformation.

    Best Practices for Efficiency.