Microsoft Word Introduction

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Explore the fundamentals of Microsoft Word in this comprehensive introductory course designed for beginners. Whether you're new to word processing or looking to enhance your skills, this course covers essential topics to help you create, format, and edit documents efficiently

  • Audience

    Our Microsoft Word Introduction course is suitable for complete beginners to Microsoft Word.


    No pre-requisites required


    1 Day

    Delivery Method

    Face to face or Virtual
  • Course Objectives

    At the end of this one-day Word training course you will have a good working knowledge of Word basics. You will feel more confident using Word and be able to create a document from scratch. Understanding and using some of the built-in layout and text editing functionality will enable you to produce far more striking and effective documentation in your work and home Word environments. Documents that you create will be easier to read and look more presentable.

    Course Content

    Getting started

    • Exploring the Word window
    • Creating and saving documents
    • Printing documents
    • Getting help

    Moving and copying text

    • Selecting text
    • Cutting, copying, and pasting text
    • Finding and replacing text

    Creating and managing tables

    • Creating tables
    • Working with tables
    • Modifying tables

    Proofing and printing documents

    • Checking spelling and grammar
    • Previewing and printing documents

    Editing documents

    • Opening and navigating in documents
    • Automated tasks
    • Editing text
    • The undo and redo commands

    Formatting characters and paragraphs

    • Character formatting
    • Using tabs
    • Paragraph formatting
    • Advanced paragraph formatting

    Controlling page layout

    • Creating headers and footers
    • Working with margins
    • Working with page breaks

    Web features

    • Saving documents as web pages
    • Working with hyperlinks
    • Emailing documents