Adobe InDesign Advanced

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Master Adobe InDesign with our 6-hour advanced course. Ideal for experienced users, you'll enhance text and typography, master image handling, and delve into advanced layout techniques. Explore styles, interactive PDFs, data merge, and automation for efficient workflows and high-quality outputs.

  • Audience

    It is suitable for those seeking to elevate their skills and explore the advanced features and techniques available in InDesign for complex design projects.


    A solid understanding of basic InDesign tools, text formatting, and document layout is required. Access to a computer with Adobe InDesign installed


    6 hours

    Delivery Method

    Face to face or Virtual
  • Course Objectives

    By the end of this one day advanced course, participants increase their proficiency in Adobe InDesign, gaining the skills needed for intricate layouts, advanced design projects, and efficient workflow management in professional creative environments.

    Course Outline

    Advanced Text and Typography

    • Mastering advanced text formatting options.
    • Utilising advanced typography features for creative layouts.

    Advanced Image Handling and Effects

    • Implementing advanced image manipulation techniques.
    • Applying special effects and filters to enhance images.

    Advanced Layout and Grid Systems

    • Designing complex layouts using advanced grid systems.
    • Exploring multiple columns, baseline grids, and advanced layout options.

    Advanced Styles and Formatting Techniques

    • Creating and managing complex paragraph and character styles.
    • Implementing nested styles for automated formatting.

    Advanced Master Pages and Liquid Layouts

    • Leveraging advanced master pages for complex document structures.
    • Understanding liquid layouts for responsive design.

    Interactive PDFs and Hyperlinks

    • Creating interactive PDFs with advanced features.
    • Adding hyperlinks, buttons, and multimedia elements.

    Data Merge and Variable Data

    • Utilising data merge for efficient handling of variable data.
    • Creating personalised and data-driven publications.

    Advanced Tables and Infographics

    • Designing complex tables and infographics.
    • Incorporating advanced graphics within tables.

    Advanced Preflight and Document Checking

    • Utilising advanced preflight tools for thorough document verification.
    • Ensuring documents meet industry standards for print or digital output.

    Advanced Exporting Options

    • Exploring advanced export settings for various output formats.
    • Preparing documents for high-quality print and digital distribution.

    Advanced Creative Cloud Integration

    • Leveraging advanced Creative Cloud features within InDesign.
    • Collaborating on projects and sharing files seamlessly.

    Advanced Workflow Efficiency and Automation

    • Streamlining workflows with advanced automation techniques.
    • Utilising scripts and batch processing for efficiency.

    Advanced Colour Management

    • Implementing advanced colour management techniques.
    • Ensuring consistent and accurate colour reproduction in print and digital media.

    Advanced Output and Printing Considerations

    • Understanding advanced printing options and considerations.
    • Troubleshooting common print-related issues.